Procrastination: My biggest flaw.

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Hii guys! First week into 2018, hope you had a nice one.

Let me tell you guys a story. So I made a post in April 2015, yep... 2015, about procrastination and how I struggle with it in order to get uni work done. Here I am, back with the same issue in 2017. At this point we can all agree that procrastinating is my biggest flaw. Uff, I finally said it.

 I'm not gonna lie, I've improved quite a bit but being honest I'm still a work in progress. FYI I have to point out, I didn't go to uni on 2016 so pls give me a chance to redeem myself. Coming back this year was definitely something else. I surprised myself getting things done on time, some of them barely made it but I just love putting myself on that stressful position. Hahahahaha nope.

Honestly, I'm a responsible person which in this case is an issue because I stress a lot when it seems that I won't be able to complete the paper work on time but not the nice stress where you actually get everything done under pressure. No, no, the ugly stress where you get breakouts, look like you haven't slept in days and still don't get the job done. I was very lucky this semester, there was only one paper work that I didn't finish on time and luckily no one in the class did so we (and by we I mean someone's else did because I'm shy and I barely talk to teachers) asked the teacher for a new deadline and he agreed. Oh, sweet stressful times. 

I just can't help it, I don't know if it ever happens to you but I plan ahead the time to get things done but when that hour arrives, I tell myself "I'll do it the next hour" and 4 hours later when I'm done watching conspiracy videos or the most random thing on YouTube. I begin to get things done. I wish I had more self-control or I wish I could stop challenging myself, I mean I didn't need to know if I could get 15 handwritten pages done on 2 hours (which now I know I can). 

Studying is a whole new level. I can get work done on time no matter how much I delay it. (Except, you know, that time I just mentioned).  However, studying, oh my god. It requires every cell in me to actually get to it. This semester I did some improvement, managed to study ahead and a lot for a few classes or test. Others, I wish I could've studied harder but you know. You get what you give. 

I'm definitely going to try harder next semester. I mean, I have to. We definitely don't want another post about procrastination, am I right? Any advice to avoid procrastination? Anyone?

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6 comentarios

  1. I totally understand!! I like to think I produce pretty nice work, but I ALWAYS do it wayyy too late. It's okay though, slowly getting better.... :)

    Love the blog!!

    1. I know right! Don't worry, we are getting there and will avoid procrastinating at all costs. Thank you for visiting! :)

  2. Ahhh I know those feels! Today I've been really struggling with it, I'm so happy to have found your blog and this article haha :D can't wait to read more! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like! :D)

    1. Thank you so much for reading, Elizabeth! 2018 will be the year that procrastination ends for both of us hahaha. I followed your blog on bloglovin :)

  3. We have the same problem 😂 But thankfully, I never procrastinate on my school works or things that I deemed important like documents for job interviews or visa.

    x Rasya |

    1. I'm so glad you don't procrastinate school work. I definitely do not recommend it to anybody. I personally get so stressed. Thank you for stopping by Rasya! :)