The Good Doctor: Review.

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Hello there!

I'm back guysss, This time with a TV show review. I know you are all still fangirling about Stranger Things but I'm all over the place for The Good Doctor. To be honest, I've been extremely busy these past two weeks but fortunately I found a space to binge this show and oh my God, it is amazing!

It’s about an autistic surgical resident with savant syndrome and his life at the San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. What’s so interesting to me about this show is watching how Shaun will react or respond under life or death situations which honestly is pretty common on hospitals, knowing that he is autistic. So far he hasn’t disappointed me. 

This is the kind of show that inspires me to be a better version of myself. Every episode gives me such a rush to be on med school. I mean, who doesn’t want to save lives? Anyway, I swear each week this show has the purpose to make me tear up. Every case and situation gets to my heart. It’s amazing to see a show so good at storytelling that you actually feel each scene. I love to see Shaun succeed, proving that he is an incredible doctor.

I've watched a bunch of TV shows that I usually stop because the situations are too complicated/stressful or nothing good ever happens which annoys me but this isn't one of them and I can definitely see myself watching every single episode till the end.

If you are into med school or just find medicine interesting I totally recommend you to watch this one. After each episode I feel so pump and inspired to be a Doctor, specially a surgeon. I'm close though. I'm a Dentistry Student but man, being able to perform a surgery with life threatening situations, do it well and having the patient recovering successfully. The satisfaction and personal accomplishment they feel must be the best feeling ever. If you already finished all the TV shows that you like, here's another great one. Enjoy and let the binge-watch begin!

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