A day in the Niagara Falls.

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I didn't mention it but I went to New York with my mom last summer. Best month of the year so far. I loove the U.S. and everything about it. Anyway, I had the fantastic chance to visit the Niagara Falls, thanks to my aunt! She's the best.

It was a two and an half hour drive from Syracuse. Of course, I didn't drive but I wanted to because it seemed fun and easy. You won't understand it but here in DR people drive like crazy so for me driving in the U.S seems so easy and calm. We left the house around 10AM, I was so sleepy. I'm sure it was because I probably went to bed at 4AM since that was my sleeping schedule those days. Thankfully, I had a little nap while on the car.

We were a bit lost but finally arrived the park before 1PM. Entering the park takes a while since there's traffic but it moves quickly. My aunt wanted for us to get on the boat (it costs $18.99 without taxes, I think) so we could appreciate the fall, so we went and bought tickets. The queue in order to get on it wasn't as slow as I expected. It was a little bit jammed  because there were A LOT of people but I felt like it didn't took longer than ten or fifteen minutes.

The view was breathtaking. Nature at its finest. It was such an incredible view. The falls are ridiculously huge and they make you feel sooo small as a human being. I stared at them the entire boat ride. (Of course, haha).

I felt like getting back up took longer than going down to the boat. The line to get on the elevator was quite tiring. I wanted to take the stairs but my mom didn't want to. Understandable. However, I'm pretty sure it could've taken less time plus the view seemed worth it.

If you are in the area and never seen it, please go. It could be a nice change from your daily life.

All photos are my own.

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