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Love is more like a loaded gun than a safety net.
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You have no idea how much I love Seafret's music. I live those lyrics. Not that I've lived a similar situation or anything. I'm just a sucker for lyrics. I'm pissed that I didn't discovered them by myself, a friend introduced them to me. Sadly we lost contact but at least I made sure he knew how much I love Seafret. The first song I heard was Oceans. I loved the melody so much, still do. It is very calm, well actually most of their music is. However, the lyrics were incredible. "It feels like there's oceans between you and me once again, we hide our emotions under the surface and try to pretend." This line gets me every time.

I appreciate sounds and melody a lot when it comes to a song. I pay attention to every sound and detail on it but the lyrics are what makes me really love a song. I love their sound, it's like acoustic kinda indie but relaxing enough to listen before going to bed. 

My favorite song of them at the moment is Explosion. My favorite line on this one is: "I try to hide it but I'm only lying to myself, don't need no doctor I know she's the best thing for my health." If you ever hear this song, you'll feel the passion in that line and the music makes it even more amazing since it  match perfectly with the feeling. 

Their songs are very melancholic and have this touch of sadness/bitterness nor that's how I feel about them. Most of them are about a romance that didn't work out but no matter what happened, that person still will have a special place in your heart. 

Jack Sedman (vocalist) has one of the most soothing voices I've ever listened to and along with Harry Draper on the guitar with fantastic cords that match beautifully together. You'll get one of my favorite duos. Please take a few minutes and check them out. CLICK HERE to check their first album on Spotify.

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