I love film photography and you should too.

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There's something about the grain, the colors, the thrill of not remembering what you shot...

Maybe you know, maybe not. Film has a very special place on my heart. It probably started with me watching people on YouTube/Twitter using it and having the most beautiful shots ever with gorgeous tones.

Most of my friends tease me because I use film. They just see it as this "old as heck camera" but they don't know anything about photography so I just ignore them. Some of them even ask me why I haven't bought a DSLR. First of all, I don't have the money, dah. Even if I ever buy a DSLR in the near future, I will still shoot on film. That's it. To be honest I usually tell my friends that it is almost the same, I have a SLR, the differences are that I don't shoot 300 photos to only use one or I don't get to see it instantly because, it obviously doesn't have a LCD screen and that's pretty cool. That way I make every single shot count instead of having a 100 worthless photos. 

I assure you, shooting film is not an easy process, specially if you don't have basic knowledge about photography, like me. If you remember my first post about film or not (check it here.) I shot a roll of Fuji Sup 400 which has 24 exp and I was only able to get 4 decent photos. Most of them were overexposed/underexposed, pretty blurry or a complete mess. I struggled on my first few rolls and sometimes I still do. I can definitely say that every roll is a surprise because you'll never know what the result will be. That's why I love film photography and you should too (see what I did there?) I'm delightful with the colors/tones I get.

I shoot on 35mm format, in case you didn't know. Some of the film rolls that I've used are Fuji Superia 800 and 400. The 800 one, has really vibrant colors and they were true to the items I shot. I was amazed by the shots I got on night time. The 400, got neutral/cold tones which are my favorites and I can definitely see myself using it again.  I recently got Kodak Ultramax 400 but it was a disaster since I used it on my new Diana Mini by Lomography and it was a disaster. Probably because I shot during the night and there is just two f-stops on it. Quite a bad idea. I learnt from it. I got more of this film since I didn't give it a proper chance, I'll be shooting it on my trip to NYC which is next week and I'm extremely excited to take pictures there. Also, I wanted to experiment with black and white film and bought a Kenmore 100 to taste it out because it was cheap and I'll probably buy more if I like the results. It is on the Diana but haven't finished  it. (I have it on the half-frame mode which gives me 72 exposures.) Crazy. Got some Ilford HP5 but still haven't used it. I'll make an update once I do.

One of my favorite things to do is check all the photos on Instagram on the #filmisnotdead or #35mm before going to sleep. It is like my daily dose of inspiration. It makes me want to get out of my bed and shoot around. Of course, I can't because I go to sleep ridiculously late.

The moral of this post is, if you ever get your hands on a film camera of any type. PLEASE give it a go. You might love it as much as I do. #buyfilmnotpixels

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