Coloring is life.

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Exactly as you read it in the tittle. Coloring, as a coloring book as I'm 8 years old.
Hello my frens.

I think God is testing me. It has to be it. I'm about to lose it. I had this beautifully written post about coloring and it is gone. I was trying to add photos to finish it and the page just went crazy and the image weren't showing etc. The final result was having the entire post deleted, without a way to restore it and I don't even remember what I said. This will be funny. Let's go.

First of all, I just can't still believe I lost my entire post. I'm on the denial phase of this relationship between Blogger and I. Back to business: So I bought this coloring book two or three months ago because it was so pretty and I wanted to color it (obviously.) However, I put it a side and didn't use it much because I was busy with work and juggling my time between my family, friends and the bf. Basically, I didn't have time to do so. Now I'm a free woman with a bunch of free time, no seriously I have a lot of extra time (please help me.) I've really got into it.

To be honest I found this particular book and colors quite expensive. I spent like RD$720 pesos on both which are like 15 dollars and I wouldn't buy something like this in the near future. I need 35mm film. I know, I have expensive hobbies an no job. Although it will take me about 2 years maybe more to complete this one. Sims 4 is consuming too much of my time. 

Here's my routine. I turn the TV on and watch 3 episodes of CSI while coloring the book. It is quite relaxing. Sometimes I miss important parts of the case which pisses me off but it's part of the job and I have learned to accept it. The most difficult part besides trying to color inside the lines, it's choosing the color that will work perfectly with the image. As you can see I take my coloring very serious. This is the closest I can get to do something artsy since I have no talent whatsoever. My wannabe photography skills doesn't count. 

Would I recommend you to buy one? Hell yeah. Unless you can draw or paint. In that case, you don't need it. This is for people like me, non-artsy.

Here's a very crappy shot that I need bc my blog layout requires one. 

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