Twenty Øne Piløts: The cøncert.

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I've been avoiding to type this post about for about a month. Sigh, it just happened so quick. I'm actually listening them at the moment to make it even more nostalgic. 

It was unbelievable. Honestly it was a pretty crazy day. I'm gonna start from the beginning. There was me, 20 year old gal (which looks like 15), leaving Dominican Republic for the first time by herself. Everything was easy, the plane arrived on time around 3pm-ish. Wandered around JFK looking for the food court just to realize I was already out of the airport so no food at the moment. Jumped on the "Airtrain" which I read online will take me to Jamaica Station and from there I would go to Manhattan. Keep in mind, I'm short and carrying around a luggage almost my size. (Exaggerating of course, I'm hilarious).

In Jamaica Station, I was kinda freaking out since I didn't understood which train I had to take, almost got in the wrong one but waited a moment before jumping in and finally gathered the courage to ask someone who works there and that kind woman told me which train was. This time I did jump in. Again freaking out to be on the wrong train then I saw the small announcement of the upcoming station which I knew/meant I was on the correct train, that was the moment when I relaxed and texted my family. At the Penn Station. Did you know there's performers and a LOT of business down there? I mean I kinda knew about it but it seemed so cool and real. Not just like the movies if that makes sense. I actually didn't stop to see what's around (I regret it now) the station since now I was worried about finding my hostel and my luggage was killing me. 

The first thing I saw when I headed out was a BUNCH of people lining up and camping outside MSG for the concert, and I was like "man, that's determination". After that distraction I looked around and it finally got me. "I'M IN NYC, MOM I MADE IT". Thanks to the wonderful Google Maps, I found the hostel, showered and went to eat something before the show. 6PM-ish amost 7PM. Headed to MSG, again worried in case my online ticket won't work or something. Thanks God it didn't happen because I'll probably had cried the entire weekend and for the rest of my life. After a long walk and a bunch of electric stairs inside the venue I got to my seat (really comfortable btw). After a few minutes texting friends, the show started. 

Chef'Special started the show and made us jump of excitement while waiting for the guys. I did my research about them and listened a few songs before the show. My favorites songs are "Peculiar" and "In your arms". They are from Netherlands which is awesome because Amsterdam is the second on my "cities to go imaginary list". Fact I didn't know before the lead singer (Joshua, coincidence? I don't think so) mentioned it. I enjoyed their performance and I'm glad I've seen them live so I can mention to my kids, I saw them once before they get all famous and stuff (so hipster, I know). Then it was Mutemath turn to blow our minds(?). Their lead singer Paul Meany, DAMN HE CAN SING. OMG. Don't get me wrong, each band has their unique sound and voices but this guy... it was crazy. Also their drummer was killing the game on every single song. Both bands were incredible. Last but not least. The moment I was waiting for. Traveled just for them (my mom still can't believe I did that). 

Before the show I didn't saw any video or song performed on the EMOTIONAL ROADSHOW tour. (Josh snaps did not count). The intro was so so coooooool, I didn't expect at all, the way they mixed Fairly local and at the end everyone shouted "Emotional". When they appeared I couldn't help it but scream like the fangirl I am. The concert was everything I wanted it to be, Tyler & Josh full of energy giving the best performance for each of us. The singing, the drumming, it was perfect. Fun fact: I wasn't expecting at all for them to perform songs from their self-titled album. I lost it when I heard the first song which was "The Pantaloon" (My favorite song at the moment). The stories Tyler made in between songs made me laugh and "The Garden" story made me so proud of my children. Also didn't expect the covers specially the cover of "Love Yourself" with the Chef'Special and Mutemath guys. Don't let me get started with my jam, favorite song of all times "Car Radio" I went bananas(?). I have this video in my phone which I occasionally see it to remember how great it was. (so relatable). 

After proof reading this post, I realized it is getting way too long so let's wrap it up. After going mental with the performance of "Trees" and still without believing I actually saw/heard them live with my own eyes and ears not from Youtube. I headed out the venue like some kind of zombie and went back to my hostel. Have to admit it was a pretty amazing experience and I wouldn't trade myself with anyone. I'm glad I went to so much trouble to go to this show because I enjoyed it so much and I'll happily do it again. 

Here are some ugly shots from my phone and my snapchat story which resumes my feelings.

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