My first roll of 35mm.

Helloooo there!

I really really love film photography... REALLY (I just wanted to make it clear). The funny thing is I don't know anything about it but I'm trying to figure it out by myself. My family had this old "Point & shoot" and last year I found it inside an old moving box. I got all excited because it took me like 2 weeks to find it. There was even a few 35mm rolls next to it. Anyways, I went to my local park to shoot some photos but I lost the roll. (HA noobie). I've always wanted a film camera and a few months ago I was checking into Amazon to purchase one and randomly I mentioned it to my boyfriend that I really want to purchase a SLR and he calmly said that he owns one, I was like "wtf dude, I want one since 2014 and now is the time you mention it?" After his words I felt like a child on Christmas morning. He borrowed it to me and I've been using it since then. One day we went to the National Aquarium and here's the result of my first 35mm film (I had 26 photos and these were the only decent). 

I used Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400 and Minolta x-700.

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