Weekend on Punta Cana, DR.

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"I hate the beach but I stand in Punta Cana with my toes in the sand" 
Hi you lovely people! 

First I need to admit that was one of the funniest weekends in my eighteen years and second I didn't get sunburnt! So life is great huh?

Last weekend my family, friends and I headed to Punta Cana for a little "vacation" if you can call it that, even tho' all we did was everything but relax, when I came home I slept like 12 hours. We went to Ocean Blue & Sand Resort, which I absolutely love and It was my second time going there, and everything was amazing as the first time I've been there. 

Altought the beach wasn't as lovely as the last time because it rained a few days ago, still was fine but what I know about beaches? I'm not even a fan. I'm more of a pool person and I must admit I loved sleeping there with the sounds of the waves leading me to a pleasant-deep sleep BUT only if the sun could just hide for a few minutes it would have been nicer aha.

I met some wonderful and hilarious people! That's my favorite part about this resort trips, the people you meet. Some of them are nice others not so much but that's the beauty of life right? 

Another thing I loved was the I didn't spent more than an hour in my phone the whole weekend! I wish I could do that at home but I'm weak. Being without a phone can believe it or not be really refreshing.

I had the most incredible time there and even learned some new dance moves, is there any way someone could take me back?

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