Horror Movies.

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First of all I'm going to congratulate myself after finish a semester with nine subjects without having a breakdown. Oh and I must say all that hard work eventually it does pays off! 

Let's talk about business and by business I mean me talking about the topic. Horror movies or basically every movie that puts me in a constant nerve/fear. This includes thrillers/Slasher/psychological movies (Being the last one the most I tolerate and can watch without cringe).

I'm one of those people that watch a movie to have a chill time maybe forget about responsibilities for a few hours or simply just boredom and that gets me to my point "why would I watch a movie that gets in my nerves if I only want to have a fun time?" And you may say "but TNG if you don't like them don't watch it, there are movies for every taste". But some plots are worth the stress.  

I must mention that another reason why I don't like horror movies is that probably I'll have a few nightmares later. The first and only time I saw "saw" (see what I did there?) I had this nightmare exactly like it and it was horrendous, I woke up all in panic and my heartbeat was crazy, to find out and thank God it was only a nightmare. Another annoying thing I do involuntary is to remember every single scary thing of the movie the second I decide to go to sleep, ugh brains are tricky. 

There's an exception where I only watch a Horror movie if the plot is worth watching. You know what's not cool? When I go through all the movie and then the end is ridiculously bad. Did I spend two hours of suspense FOR THIS? (Yep! that's exactly how I react). 

I've seen great horror movies that I could probably watch again if there's someone with me or if they let me use my phone hehe, but there's one that I could definitely watch again in fully attention is "The Conjuring" and I totally recommend it. 

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