I procrastinate and I regret it.

Hey you!

Do you remember the New Years resolutions you set up for this year? Have you achieved at least one of them? If so please teach me if not welcome to the club.

One of my new year resolutions was "don't procrastinate ever again" due to a difficult time I had last semester with some uni work.

I had this important presentation and I said to myself I was getting everything ready a week before, the week passed by and there was me 8pm on a Sunday (presentation was on Monday) still didn't get anything done but I didn't panic until 4am where I still couldn't learn anything about the topic. Eventually I didn't sleep that night, mostly because I'm really slow at getting slides done. At the end everything worked out, but I'll never put myself in this situation again.

January 2015, I was getting things done with months/weeks ahead but somehow I just can't. I try to convince myself that I work better under pressure, maybe I do ,maybe I don't. I have made a progress though, I now manage to do almost everything at least three days before.

Maybe I'm not the only one who gets consumed by procrastination and I thought it would be handful to find some tricks to do our responsibilities, days or weeks before it's due (I'll probably have to read this post once in a while).
  • Stay away from social networks: We love to Tweet, reblog all around Tumblr or even creep on someone Instagram. This needs to stop when your work is staring at you from your desk.
  • Don't revision on the bed if you don't want to sleep within the first minutes. (I'm the voice of the experience in this)
  • Organize your time: Make a schedule, when are you going to start your work, when do you have a free time to complete it. This is really handy for those days.
  • Focus on your work and nothing less, no music, no netflix or tv, no snacks and DO NOT postpone it.
  • If you didn't follow any of this short advise don't panic: start getting it done as soon as you can and the best you can without stressing yourself.
I really believe we should stick with our New Years resolutions and actually succeed in them, not only the first two or three months. I know it's difficult but we should try to.

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