Exploring Bonao.

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Hello earthlings! 

Last weekend my family and I jumped on a car for an hour and a half (I think, I didn't look the hour) and went to Bonao, Monseñor Noel. 

While in the car I was amazed by the landscape, beautiful mountains on each side of the road it was ridiculously gorgeous, my phone didn't make justice to the beauty of it. It was my first time going to Bonao and the second going to the North side of the country. 

We were going to a family meeting, I had a great time watching comedy films with my cousins such as "Growns up 2" and "We're the Millers" while waiting for the lunch. Then we headed to a near-by river to go for a little swim and in my case a swim and take some lovely photos. The water was really cold but I loved it, there was something about this place that I really liked, maybe the beauty of being in such a nature related place, I'm always surrounded by the city and sometimes I get to see the sea but being in a place of completely mountains got me in a happy stress-free mood and that was exactly what I was looking for after a tough week.

Adiós friends xx 

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