Don't overthink your decisions.

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Hola hola!

You know those nights where you have to get up at 6/7am and you just give up on getting some sleep and start thinking? Well in one of those late night thoughts I bumped into "What am I doing with my life?". All I see is people that were in high school with me getting married, getting pregnant (none of them in my plans tho') or accomplishing great things while I'm just here thinking what I'm going to have for dinner. 

I'm sure everyone ask themselves (but probably it's just me) "Am I doing life  in the right way?" "What if this is a wrong decision?" "Am I happy with my choices?"    

Well It's normal to be scared about the life changing decision you make while in your teens but if it doesn't work out as you planned you can always change it, you'll never be too old for doing what you're passionate about.

You just have to say out loud "Everything will be alright,  STOP overthinking" Yes! it's fine to be worried about your future, we don't know anything about it but that shouldn't stop us for being excited about what it may brings us.

If you've been thinking about doing something don't matter how silly it may sound to people GO FOR IT! it won't be handed in at your front door, fight for it no matter what everyone says. 

Live one day at the time and spend it doing the things that makes you happy! Don't spend your precious time worrying or stressing, sorry but I'm going to say it "you only live once" because honestly "you only live once" so make it count! 

Love, from 18yo Laura to older me if you ever think like this again. 

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