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I love a lot of things and one of them is music, I can't imagine my life without it. There are millions (I'm not sure but let's pretend is true) of albums, but I only have ever completely download/bought two of them (To be one of them I need to LOVE all the songs (which is pretty difficult to happen). 

One of them is AB/AP by Fall out boy. As you read in the title, I'm going to be talking about how I discover it.

First I found out about FOB when I heard "Thnks fr th mmrs" and "Alpha Dog" back on 2008 but I didn't appreciate them much (I was busy that year loving the Jonas Brothers). Last year I only heard of them "My songs know what you did in the dark" (which I loved it). This year the new album came out and basically that's how I found love in a hopeless place (see that Rihanna's reference there?).

The first song I heard was "Centuries" while I was browsing on Spotify (probably doing some homework because that's how I work). I follow this 100 top songs kinda list, as I read the name I thought "hmm fall out boy, this has to be good". I remember listen to it once and put it on my "favorites" list  to later forget about it because I only go on spotify while I'm doing homework. 

One day at a friend house we were having a little karaoke time and she said let's do this one. That's pretty much how everything started. Since that day "Centuries" got stuck in my head. I always do this thing when I listen to a new song and go to the artist/band spotify profile to see if there's any other song I could like (well in this story I love them all). I got hooked since "Irresistible" till "Twin Skeleton (Hotel in NYC) ". I downloaded the whole album the same night and played it the whole month, still doing it till this day and I don't think I'll ever get tired of it. 

If you'd like to buy AB/AP and share the excitement with me click HERE.

Personally my musical taste has changed so much and I'm glad it did. Back on 2013 or 2012 I would've never listen this kind of music so God bless 2014. 

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