Thoughts on The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale.

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I needed to make a post about this because I take tv shows pretty serious.

So much information in one episode so let's begin.

Sasha laying on top of a bunch of walkers... (that was weird, really weird) We knew there was something wrong with her, I'm glad that she finally said she's losing her mind and needs help. Almost shot Father Gabriel, and if Maggie didn't show up I'm sure she would have done it.

Finally we know about the "W" We've been seeing on some walkers foreheads. "Wolfs" They own a truck full of walkers, I hope they won't turn into a huge problem in the future.

Daryl and Aaron got trapped by the "wolf" walkers and I thought neither of them would get out alive. Thankfully Morgan was around and saved them, Later Daryl realizing he was looking for Rick.

Glenn got shot (NOOOOO! Glenn can't die) by the coward Nicholas(I hate him), for a few minutes I thought Glenn was going to die but a bullet won't bring him down, he found Nicholas again in the woods although he had the opportunity to kill him, Glenn did the right thing. (I think he deserved at least one shot for being a selfish little bitch, Noah died because of him).

Carol "food and threats" are getting better everytime, they're pure gold.

Rick encounter with walkers was too tense, for a second I thought the walker would win but he literally squeezed the walker's neck until blood came out. Then he took the same walker to the Alexandria reunion where he did a speech about how he can teach them to survive because they're running out of luck. Pete showed up and slashed Reg's throat. (WHAT, WHY!? HE WAS ONE OF THE GOOD ONES) Watching him die in Deanna arms was so sad, then Deanna told Rick to off Pete (well said Deanna) which he did and arriving at the same second, Daryl and Aaron with Morgan. (I think this might change the perspective of Morgan about Rick, but I hope it doesn't it was clear that Pete was a threat).
This episode was the absolute best of the entire season. LOVED IT
90 minutes of tension, 7 months without the walking dead. I can't even.

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