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If someone told me a year ago that I'll be reading Harry Potter I probably have told them to stop lying because there's no way that's gonna happen. Why? That's simple. This saga has seven books and to be honest that's a lot for me.  I've seen all the films so I thought there was no need to read the books (I know, what was I thinking?).

So I saw this guy on YouTube talking about how he just finished the saga and saying how good it is and cheering people to read it and I thought well I need to see what's the euphoria about it.

I don't regret every single minute I've spent reading it. It is actually so good, I mean I like the films but I LOVE the books, I'm even trying to persuade my brother to start reading it (he won't) so I can have someone to talk about it.

I'm currently reading Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban and I wish I didn't have to put it down for uni, responsibilities or my eyes getting too tired.

If you love to read and you haven't read it I'm telling you this saga is extraordinaire! Sometimes I just stop reading and think "wow J. K. Rowling has a brilliant imagination!".

Five books to go and I don't want to end it, I'll get sad because it's over. I'm a really lazy reader but I haven't felt this way since I started and I hope I won't, I have quite a repertory of books I haven't finish because I got too lazy.

If I have to describe Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone & Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets in three words it would be: EXCITING, MYSTERIOUS and BRILLIANT. You have to read it!

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