Films that made me cry.

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First of all sorry I haven't posted anything since October, I'll try to post regularly if uni lend me some free time.

As you read in the title today's topic is FILMS but not any films, films that made me cry like a little newborn baby. The thing is I'm a really gullible person, some characters and situations make so sad when something bad happens. Here are five films that honestly got me into tears. 


1. Bridge to Terabithia.
Everything was getting better for Jess because he met Leslie and she was so nice. Anyway I wasn't expecting at all when Leslie died trying to cross the river and I cried a lot, honestly a lot! I felt so bad like if I knew her or something. Bare in mind I've seen this movie three times and I still can't help it.

2. If I Stay.
Mia this incredible talented girl had a lovely family and met Adam and everything was cool until the car accident  and as an optimistic person I thought they'll make it but no, first her parents and then they give her hope about her brother but neither did he, and that's when the  tears started until I got out of the cinema.

3. The fault in our stars.
I think we all saw it okay? Okay. yep I cried while reading, yep I cried again in the cinema and yep it was embarrassing.

4. My sister's keeper.
I saw this one recently and it was so so sad to see her family trying everything to keep Anne alive but she knew she was ready to leave, I was trying to hold my tears in this one because I didn't wanted to tell my mom I was crying about a film but the heart knows what it wants.

5. The boy in the striped pajamas

Bruno such a lovely and curious boy, he had no idea what was going on and I thought his father was going to be able to stop it on time and that he'll take Shmuel with him and be like brothers but you know tears everywhere.

I just realized I take films too seriously haha. Which film have made  you cry or have you seen one of this?

¡Hasta Luego!  

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