Traveled for the first time.

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Sorry for the lack of post I had a serious writer's block, but I'm back. A few months ago I went to another country for the first time and I must say I almost didn't sleep the night before. Ahh the exciment was too much, I remember waking up in a bad mood because I'm not a morning person but instantly it hits me "oh God I'm going to another country!" then I smiled all the way till the airport. Now I know I don't like airports and all their security thingys, and immigration and all those stuff but apart from that planes are pretty cool and not such a bad thing like some people told me, basically all I did at the plane was stare at the tiny window with my brother and shout "Look over there!" at every single island we saw, even though we only spent 2 hours on the plane. Oh I forgot to mention I made a friend at the airport, her name is Andrea and she's awesome. All this chitchat and I haven't say where I was going to: Miami, FL.

I absolutely loved this city, it reminded me so much of Santo Domingo but more amazing. I spent 30 days in there, 30 incredible days with my cousins which I haven't seen in a year and right now I miss them a lot because they live at USA. In summary we went to lots of parks, lots of pools, West Palm Beach, WaterParks, Hollywood Beach, Downtown Miami, Hollywood Downtown, South Beach and lots of cool places I don't remember while I'm typing (Sorry). I must say it was a pretty turistic tour, but I can't complain I LOVED IT. You might don't know but I love rollerblading so much and my favorite thing we did was Ice skating and I can't wait to do it again, I just can't help it, I really liked it and I'm pissed off we don't have Ice skating centers but I'll try to understand that I live in a Tropical country but I'd love to go Ice skate weekly. (Sorry, I had to get that out ) All I can say it was the best summer I've had and I'd love to repeat it. Here are some photos I took, I'll post more soon :)


¡Hasta Luego! xx

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