Different Languages.

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As we all know there are more than 3k of languages ​​in the world. A few more complicated, other less complicated. At the time I decided to create this blog I thought that I should write it in English (my native language is Spanish) because that's the language that I'm learning and while I’m posting, I'm practicing. When I started typing in English I thought "alright it's going to be easy" well let me tell you -how about no- just when I thought my English was getting better well it wasn't. Learning a different language in a place where no one speaks it at all it’s a really long task. Have you ever talked to someone who speaks another language and had to use sign language? That’s when you realize the struggle is real. When I was ten my mother decided to sign me up in an English class. At first it was easy but then it became more difficult, the good thing is that I love the language and when you like something it is easier to learn it, I thank my mom for giving me the opportunity to learn another language. The truth is that it feels amazing when you can help someone who needs some translation (although I’m bad at translating) anyway no matter what language you want to learn if you try hard you may learn 90 percent of it but why 90 percent and not 100 percent? Because every day you will learn new words and that happens even with your native language. Learning another language is something beautiful and at the same time you can learn about the culture from the country that language is. Although it's a long journey it's worth it. 

Hey learn a different language or help someone who wants to learn yours.

¡Hasta Luego! xx

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